The company was started by a team of business consultants who saw a pressing need in the industry to leverage the right technologies to provide high-quality and cost-effective business solutions. Datazoom has successfully managed and implemented several challenging projects for several years. In this hyper-competitive environment, our clients need consultants who can give their businesses a competitive edge, viz, judicious use of technology and at an affordable cost. Datazoom has set out to fulfill these business aspirations.

Businesses always face a challenge to address business requirements while maintaining high quality and affordable costs.

How can Datazoom overcome this challenge?

By our unique business model and our focussed approach. We focus explicitly on industry leading database technologies such as Oracle and Microsoft. We use our highly experienced consultants on site to analyze the business needs and design a perfect solution. We then make use of our highly skilled resources offshore for the labour intensive components of the projects and deliver value to our customers.