Cloud Testing

What is Cloud Testing?

Cloud testing is defined as a Software Testing type that’s check Cloud Computing services. Cloud computing is an internet-based platform that renders various computing services like hardware, software and other computer-related services remotely. There are three models of Cloud Computing.

Datazoom Cloud Testing

The whole cloud testing is segmented into four main categories

Testing of the whole cloud: The cloud is viewed as a whole entity and based on its features testing is carried out. Cloud and SaaS vendors, as well as end-users, are interested in carrying out this type of testing. Datazoom has experience in whole cloud testing.

Testing within a cloud: By checking each of its internal features, testing is carried out. Only cloud vendors can perform this type of testing. Datazoom has experience in within cloud testing.

Testing across cloud: Testing is carried out on different types of cloud-like private, public and hybrid clouds. Datazoom has experience in testing across the cloud.

SaaS testing in cloud: Functional and non-functional testing is carried out on the basis of application requirements. Datazoom has experience in SaaS testing in the cloud.

Cloud testing focuses on the core components like

Application: It covers testing of functions, end-to-end business workflows, data security, browser compatibility, etc.

Network: It includes testing various network bandwidths, protocols and successful transfer of data through networks.

Infrastructure: It covers disaster recovery test, backups, secure connection, and storage policies. The infrastructure needs to be validated for regulatory compliances


Other Testing types in Cloud includes

Performance               Availability                   Compliance                 Security

Scalability                    Multi-tenancy               Live upgrade testing

SaaS or Cloud-oriented Testing: This type of testing is usually performed by cloud or SaaS vendors. The primary objective is to assure the quality of the provided service functions offered in a cloud or a SaaS program. Testing performed in this environment is integration, functional, security, unit, system function validation and Regression Testing as well as performance and scalability evaluation.

Online based application testing on a cloud: Online application vendors perform this testing that checks performance and Functional Testing of the cloud-based services. When applications are connected with legacy systems, the quality of the connectivity between the legacy system and under test application on a cloud is validated.

Cloud-based application testing over clouds: To check the quality of a cloud-based application across different clouds this type of testing is performed.

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